is a line of single-unit professional espresso coffee machines with reduced dimensions and high performance. It has standard auto leveller, single-scale manometer for the visualisation of boiler pressure, volumetric pump (except for the PU/S version which has a built-in vibration pump). Provided with a multidirectional steam wand for preparing creamy cappuccinos and hot beverages and a hot water tap for tea. The ME (automatic) version allows the beverage programming through the electronic push button panel. The PU (semiautomatic) version is conceived with a manual on/off button. The PU/S (semiautomatic with integrated water tank and softener) version is ideal where there is not a connection to the waterworks.


1 Group

Dimension (WxDxH /mm):        385x530x560
Boiler capacity (lt.):                     4
Heating unit (W):                        1770 (1600)
Voltage (V-Hz):                           220/240 V - 50/60 Hz • (120)
Gross weight (Kg):                     34
- Milk frother
- Filter holder for pod
- Softeners
- pod kit, capsule kit