MD 75 AT

The MD line of coffee grinders has been designed to cater for the consumption requirements of our many different Customers. Featuring a powerful low-rpm grinding motor, these machines do not overheat the coffee and offer the big advantage of easy maintenance at a very low cost. Available in stainless-steel and black colours, except for the MD 74 AT model, which comes in stainless steel and metallic grey.


Dimensions (WxDxH /mm):        200x390x610
Power (W):                                      950
Voltage (V-Hz):                               110v - 60 Hz 230v/400v3 - 50 Hz
Net Weight (Kg):                            22
Grinding Burrs (mm):                   flat Ø 75
Bean hopper capacity (Kg):        1,4
Output (Kg/h):                               12-14